About Hallway

Who we are & the journey we're on

We’re a small, revolutionary digital agency based in Old Street, London. Some would call us ‘boutique’ but we prefer ‘nimble’. We can move faster than other agencies because we’re flexible. We allow ourselves the time to expand our knowledge and expertise every day, which doesn't just keep us ahead of the curve – it actually enables us to lead the way. We like to rewrite the rules and break new ground.

We may be small but our team is stronger than most. We attract the very best staff because we can afford to reward them just as well, if not better, than the big agencies do. And we help them to grow with free reign to become the very best in their field.

Our remit is to build high quality, useful and beautiful digital work. Intricate web applications, mobile apps, quality websites and high performing digital marketing.

We use technology to create positive change.

We really care about our people. Everyone’s voice is heard. Everyone’s ideas are considered. Everyone matters at our agency.

At Hallway we’re all about approaching digital challenges with great enthusiasm – driven to crack the puzzle and find the best solution. Some in the team do this technically, some creatively, and some strategically.


Because we each get a kick out of seeing a client’s business perform better as a result of our ideas and the hard work we've put in.

Because we truly love exploring, manipulating and creating new digital technology to make complex tasks easier for our clients.

And because we get to push the boundaries of web engineering and digital marketing, day in day out, paving the way for others in our industry to follow.

Who aren't we?

We aren't a flashy advertising agency. We’re not your stereotypical, suited and booted sales team born to schmooze and baffle our clients with agency speak at the first pitch. We’re not about slinging together poor-performing £500 Wordpress sites using pre-made templates.

We’re a little more geeky, uncompromising and down to earth than that.

And we’re proud to be that way too.

We can’t deny our team show off a little at the ‘reveal’ stage but that’s because we all get very excited about the expertly engineered, beautifully crafted designs, technology and marketing we've created (and because we know, from experience, our work will blow our clients away).

Our team put everything into expertly crafted digital solutions for our client’s businesses. We feel a real sense of reward and satisfaction when what we've done has made a real difference for our clients. From the front-end designs, content and user experience, to the back-end functionality and effectiveness, each specialist at Hallway adds their insight and expertise to each aspect of the final piece, working together to get that hit of satisfaction.

Who we’re looking for

Our Positions

We’re always looking for new talent to join the team at Hallway. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch and tell us why (or share this page with others you know). We always want to hear from Web Developers, Designers, Account Managers and Creatives.